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Member Registration

User Agreement:

Our company is free according to this usage rule to register the customer provide.Completing the register procedure presses " I approval", indicating you an approval to accept these usage rules.These usage rules become you and of our company contract of with independence.

(1)Register data

The customer authorization our company can to the third square reveal to include it of registration data at inside of database, but our company will not open the name, the electronics mailbox and account numbers of the customer. Unless the customer requests our company or the authorization someone definitely through this service to reveal these informations, and the basis correspond of the law and procedure request our company to provide personal data of the customer if the customer provides of the data isn't accurate, the reservation of our company terminates toward customer to provide a service of right。

(2) The modification of the service item

Our company will modify the service item often according to the condition, the service item once taking place fluctuation, our company will start using in the customer of the page hint the content of the modification.If you hope to continue to use the service of our company after the service item modify, you have to agree to modify of service item。

(3)Ministrant emendation

Our company reserves to modify or break off a service and don't need to know the right that shines on customer at any time.If our company exercises a modification or medium segment the right of the service, then didn't need to the customer or any the third square be responsible for。

(4)The account number, password and security of the customer

If the customer isn't satisfactory well preservation very own account number and password, will bear all responsibilities for this output result.Another outside, the customer wants to use output all activities and affairs in the bank account to take all responsibilities to it.The customer can change a password according to the designation at any time, can also end old bank account heavy open a new bank account.If the customer approval finds any illegal use its account number or other act against the condition of the security provision, should notify our company immediately.

(5)Limited liability

Our company to any direct, connects, accidentally however, special and produce later on of the damage is irresponsible, these damages come from: usage serve originally or can't use this service, purchase a merchandise or carry on bargain on the net.

(6)Publicizee an information

Our company or/and the third party have power toward customer to mail an advertisement, publicizeeing data.This kind of data will be mailed to the customer to own in the email address and other customers of our company of email address.This kind of advertisement publicity data possibility source in third party outside our company, so the Bing of our company wrong this kind of advertisement publicizee the content of the data to be responsible for, customer approval our company didn't need to be responsible for the time.

(7)Lose a responsibility

The customer agrees wrong our company, the company organization that it belongs to, the cooperation colleague, manager and employees pursue any loss responsibility, the Bing is responsible for all results that it causes, including to cause third party because of the customer usage our company of reasonable legal fee, the customer causes because of acting against usage rule of any result, and customer or other usage the customer bank account of the mistake of other users, and from here produce of any invasion is the third square the intelligent property right or criminal offence。

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